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Course Reviews: Persuading Trial Judges

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.58 out of 5 Stars Based on 12,790 Ratings
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As always, this presenter is excellent
- Edward K
Very good.
- Gavin S
Good course. Great Pointers by presenter. Really enjoyed the CLE
- David S
Really useful
- Maxwell H
great insight. good flowing presentation. relevant info. ty
- Diane C
The program was VERY informative, and interesting.!!!!!!!!
- Willis. E. B
I enjoyed this course. Prompted me to think critically about how I begin my briefs.
- Scott S
Slides were presented for download but not shown in or alongside the video.
- Anthony E
Many good ideas.
- Mary Ellen R
the course was very informative. However, I had technical difficulties throughout the program. I was not able to advance the slides or download the written materials.
- patricia t
The Instructor came across as a very experienced litigator. I liked his practical advice.
- Kevin O
Excellent presentation. I have downloaded and saved the material for reference. I highly recommend.
- Cynthia B
Good instructor. Wouldn't have minded having the content slides displayed alongside him, but that's minor.
- Joseph W
Very good and extremely practical.
- John K
Likely best taken in person bc activities do not translate well to online audience. Any course that teaches better writing and provides simple examples is a good course.
- Frank G
Helpful refresher
I thought I had good writing skills but this presentation showed me how to greatly improve them. An extremely valuable presentation.
- David B
put sides up while speaking
- jim s
This course is a gold nugget. All the tips provided to present succinct information to present to judge are greatly welcomed. This instructor is one of my favorite speakers. He has a way of making the instructions have a flow. Loved it. Recommend it.
- Margarita P
The presenter was engaging and persuasive. However the written materials were not in sync with the audio or video. Also some more thorough examples would have helped. But this was a valuable course.
- Neeraj J
I saved my legal writing textbooks even when others were sold or given away. Whatever happens in law practice, you always need great writing. This course is also one I will save, because in just one hour, it refocused me to write better, briefer briefs and master momentous moving papers.
- Lenore R
Good presentation. Informal and good.
- walter B
very personable PRESENTER. very WELL DONE.
- John B. M
Great points on brevity and quality of briefs. Very well done.
- Paul S
Very organized and interesting presentation.
- Andrea J