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Course Reviews: Persuading Trial Court Judges

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.56 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,790 Ratings
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Surprising and informative. I will spend more time on the factual statement from hereon out.
- Lara S
Thank you.
- Mark E
- Rachel F
- Amy-Hannah B
Would have liked a few minutes on how e-filing affects things.
- Ralph B
I wish I had listened to this course years ago.
- Miguel F
Just as writing could be more concise, so could this presentation. You can't make an hour long presentation from 1 point.
- Joanna C
Very helpful
- James F
The instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, which was great. Would be helpful for future presentations to be watched by online folks if he could use software that showed the edits he was making in real time to the writing samples instead of just discussing them.
- Lori F
This is for an inexperienced litigation attorney. Very basic. Probably much better for one in the room.
- Frederick G
Energetic, Interesting, Informative!
- Ray F
Great to have a judges perspective
- Timothy C
Glitchy and small fonts used in presentation/contrary to instructor's advice.
- jeremy k
Presenter was very engaging with a good sense of humor. His method was extremely forceful in the quality of his teaching.
- Patrick E. G
nice and easy to follow -
- Patricia Bruno G
Nice, short summary of some key points - would have also liked to hear some thoughts on when motion deals with a huge exposure, serious injury, vs one that is not, i.e. do you write more, how to highlight fact that not an ordinary case.
- Jonathan H
Presenter was excellent.
- Scott L
Excellent Presentation
- Laljeebhai P
A man who follows his own advice: brief and good. Thank you.
- Raymond W
Straight to the point; well done!
- matt c
Great topic! Thanks for the informative & helpful CLE.
- Lindsay G
Good topic and presentation
- David S
very engaging speaker
- Steven M
This was one of the most helpful CLEs I've watched. I would love to see more from this speaker.
- Laura S
Great presentation on effective court room writing, suitable for all legal professionals.
- Sherita L