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Perfect Equity Splits for Early-Stage, Bootstrapped Startups

Presented by Mike Moyer & Matthew Rossetti

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Course Description

Length: 54min    Published: 5/4/2022    
Attorneys counseling startup clients should be aware of the emerging Slicing Pie method of equity splitting. Slicing Pie is a universal, one-size-fits-all solution for the allocation and recovery of equity in early-stage, bootstrapped startup companies. It is used by thousands of startups all over the world to create a perfectly fair equity split between founders and early participants. Unlike virtually all other models for splitting equity which are based on predictions of future events to create “fixed” equity splits, the Slicing Pie model is based on easily observable events as they happen because it is a dynamic equity split model. Fairness is a matter of fact, not opinion. And, because everything in business can be quantified in terms of fair market value, business facts can be observed in real time making perfect fairness an absolute reality using Slicing Pie.
Learning Objectives
* Understand the Slicing Pie method of equity splitting
* Learn what type of legal agreements are optimal for the Slicing Pie model
* Uncover strategies on determining fair equity splitting
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Presented By:

Mike Moyer

Chicago, IL

Matthew Rossetti

Chicago, IL

(512) 430-1150

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