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Course Reviews: PACE Lending Program - The Next Subprime Mortgage Crisis?

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.76 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,882 Ratings
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The new homelessness caused by energy efficiency lending.
- Tamara M
I had no idea this was going on. These predadors have to be stopped. She was very knowledgeable.
- Robert M
Inspiring and informative. Kudos, good luck, and thanks to presenter!
- Sally S
Keep fighting the predators. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
- bruce w
- Roger S
This was one of the very best programs I've seen in over 50 years of practice. Alysson is knowledgeable, presents the material in a story telling manner, and all without notes. Kudos to you and her. Wilson Wendt, Miller Starr Regalia, Walnut Creek
- Wilson W
The best course I have taken thus far on lexvid
- William S
Extremely dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. Interesting topic from a societal perspective.
- Laura S
Very informative presentation by an enthusiastic and impressive attorney. Learned a lot. . . WR
- William R
Excellent program. Very informative and shocking. Kudos to Allison for her ability to describe the complicated PACE program, its problems and remedies and more important for her work with clients who have been scammed by the program.
- Jeffrey W
I thought it was wonderful, and would love to see more content like it in the future! Please encourage your contributors to do similar presentations focusing on real-world timely issues in specific litigation topics
- benjamin w
A thriller - seriously. Ms. Snow brings to light in nearly "48-Hours"-style a Kafka-esque scheme (PACE) calculated to line the pockets of contractors and "administrators", masquerading as a legitimate energy-savings tax assessment program. If this presentation was a book, I'd call it a page-turner.
- Paul S
- Alan L
Great presentation of a very complex issue. Well done.
- Michael N
Super informative. Speaker very knowledgeable, creative and smart.
- Ilona P
Very good presentation.
- Shara T
a detailed and intelligent analysis of a disturbing predatory practice
- james t
Excellent presentation of very worthy cause.
- Beau S
Unbelievable that the government is complicit in these frauds!
- Allan W
This course presented a lot of valuable information regarding the new types of loans that are obscure to the uninformed public. There is no precedent or common law regarding the predatory lending to older people. This type of course is a must for any lawyer.
- Margarita P
Really informative - I enjoyed this presentation.
- Amy Marie S
Very valuable information for practitioners. Presenter was extremely well-versed and knowledgeable. Presentation was helpful and well done.
- Glen N
Very interesting subject matter. The material was presented very well. Highly recommend this course.
- Megan Z
Excellent presentation and substance. Did I miss a link for course materials? I would have liked seeing the PowerPoint screen to which the presenter was pointing.
- Alicia K
Excellent presentation of a timely issue.
- Kathryn R