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Course Reviews: Threats to Privacy Rights: The Chilling Effects of Online Surveillance

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.65 out of 5 Stars Based on 8,690 Ratings
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Good coverage of the issues with Government surveillance. The video presentation though appeared to be a little dated as it was taped in 2014. Also, although the concerns the presenter presented are legitimate, there was an appearance of bias versus just presenting the law and status of case law.
- Marsha D
Wow! Scary! Excellent speaker explaining complex issues.
- Linda S
Chilling and surreal to watch this in the context of where we are in late 2018. Well presented, effectively covering much material seamlessly, and to the point even if I'm not sure I'll be applying this information to my current practice much.
- Adella W
Very good course
- Alexander C
Fascinating subject matter, particularly in light of the recent Facebook "scandal."
- Linda V
- Maurice H
Amazingly insightful and revealing course, information every attorney NEEDS.
- Henry Edward L
- Gabriel d
Extraordinarily interesting in light of current events.
- robert b
Scary program. Extremely timely, given the current (04/18) issues with FISA court, IRS and DOJ.
- Justin E. B
Very informative and the speaker can use voice inflection (unlike many other presenters).
- Charles C
Best and most informative lecture i have heard from this company.
- Cary F
Very good! Again, could be updated as all time sensitive material.
- Amindra B
Best content and presentation of any course I have seen so far.
- Todd E
Great presentation.
- Emily S
Very interesting!
- Royce B
- James S
Informative as well as anxiety producing in revealing what is hidden behind the curtain.
- Edward B
This was most interesting CLE I have taken in years if not ever. Clear, concise and informative. Great speaker and useful materials
- Arthur S
- ami f
- Ellen T
Content was excellent and informative.
- Lori B
Great course, but FISA and NSA surveillance are now major political issues. An updated course is needed.
- John E
Excellent material
- Richard H
Excellent presentation and breath of the surveillance concern on the 1st and 4th amendments.
- Donald L