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Course Reviews: The Nuts & Bolts of Nonprofit Law

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.36 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,782 Ratings
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As NY attorney, not as helpful as I would have wished - might have benefited from some specdfc examples of a non for profit's CEO confronting an issue, such as with Not for profit credit card that maxes out because incoming funds have dwindled. What do you do if the credit card company sues the CEO and the NPC and names them both a defendndants in a debt collection suit?
- Jonathan H
- Michael S
This was an excellent and concise introduction to the basics of 501c3 law.
- Michael V
The informal conversational approach to the content was very appealing and made it easier for me to learn.
- Vincent W
Excellent introduction!!!!
- Katherine K
This presentation gave an excellent general overview of the formation and responsibilities of charities, including issues that can arise with the organization, gift giving, and fund raising events of charities.
- Rachel R
very engaging!
- Brett C
- Lori B
It would have helped to have him have a few charts to make it easlier to follow along.
- Roland H
- Alissa A
A bit basic and self-evident but helpful
- Marianne R
great presentation and very informative including references for further research.
- Patrick S
Best MCLE video I have ever watched. Very interesting and speaker was beyond knowledgable !
- Sarah P
Ken does an excellent job of explaining the basis of a non-profit practice and your responsibilities as a practitioner.
- Jay Dustin K
The course was discouraging; I didn't realize that there were that many regulations pertaining to nonprofits.
- Alan S
This was a really great overview of nonprofit law. The issues were clearly outlined, with a good foundation for further research. I really got a kick out of the speaker; in addition to being really clear about the issues, he was very engaging.
- Amy N
Very much to the point
- Mark S
Good overview of non-profit issues.
- Paul S
Terrific instructor
- Walter W
This speaker is an absolutely remarkable highly recommended.
- E. Peter S
Great delivery!
- Katy A
He the man!
- Richard F
Great information.
- Keith A
I really enjoyed it, a great refresher of non-profits which was a course a greatly enjoyed during law school
- Susan N
Nothing short of fabulous! A great deal of information presented in a fashion where it can be put to use and applied immediately. Impressive.
- Diana C