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Course Reviews: New Rules of Professional Conduct

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Vital. Glad I listened to this. Two notes re presentation: there were no slides showing, digitally, but that’s okay because I had downloaded the pdf and could follow that; and thank you for repeating the question before answering it. Not all of us, even in the same room, have the same hearing acuity. I look forward to other presentations by you.
- Pamela R
There is so much material to cover maybe this could be a longer course to get a little more in depth.
- Eniko C
The course was good, but the written materials seemed like a very brief summary of topics and didn't include all topics. I'd like better reference materials.
- Lisa F
The materials were very helpful. However, it stopped on Page 4 with Rule 7.2; however just a few more rules beyond 7.2 were covered. I took notes on my materials. It would be nice to have the remaining rules briefly included in the materials. The presenter was wonderful and very professional. It was a pleasure watching the video. Thank you.
- Sheila D
Thank you Mr. Hornick - great presentation. It appears we have a lot to learn to keep ourselves out of trouble. Jill D.
- Jill D
Great overview of the new Rules.
- William G
Very informative
- john d
Excellent presentation of the new ethical rules, must view as they are always changing whether we like it or not!
- Arthur B
This was. is a new course on the heels of the completely revamped Professional Rules and the presenter necessarily was obliged to be briefer than the subject warranted but that apart, his presentation was effective. If grading was less than fulsome; that is NO WAY due to any dissatisfaction with the presenter. He did as well as he could give the recency, volume aand breadth of the revisions in the law.
- Khalil Ahmed E
Maybe add some slides to the presentation for the visual learners. I like the clear outline on the 4 page written course notes. Maybe point out the differences between the old and the new rules more extensively.Maybe add some examples and further explanations to these written notes.
- Adrian v