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Course Reviews: The New CFPB Federal Mortgage Rules - Takeaways & Buyer Recommendations

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,732 Ratings
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This video was very helpful to me.
- Linda Z
I would have liked the ability to print the slides
- Charisse M P
- Jeffrey T
Laturno just repeated prior course. Dock his pay.
- michelle k
A chunk of the information presented is the same as other CLEs offered that are primarily by the same attorney. His financial advice is sound, and I think his CLEs are great. Its just that a 25% of it was the same as another CLE he did that Lexvid also offers in the same package.
- deborah h
honest take to the bank advice
- terry b
Very enjoyable, and very sensible advice!
- Kenneth O
Hoping to get more detailed information about the home mortgage modification programs and how they work (or not work) for the consumer.
- Alicia K
A superb presentation - thoughtful with great content.
- Andrew M
Very informative, including a good dose of common sense advice that is often lacking.
- Jeffrey N
The end portion somewhat exceeds the scope.
- Milissa S
Great course, more about financial management then the cfpb, should probably be updated with the changes that have occurred since 2014.
- Patrick J
Thanks for the great suggestions. Right in the middle of making financial decisions which you covered during your presentation & which provided the facts I needed to make an informed decision!
- Wanda S
Very sobering and enlightening. I wish I had seen this 24 years ago. My only regret is that the course did not review more closely the legal issues pertaining to TILA, Reg Z, and perhaps even issues pertaining to HECM loans (reverse mortgages). But the instructors were quite good in presenting a detailed review of the dangers borrowers face which the CFPB and its regs do not, or perhaps cannot, protect them from. Well done.
- Brian F
Though well intended, too much philosophizing about wealth creation and retention and too little actual cle instruction.
- James S
Very helpful information. Thank you!
- Jeannie T
This was a fantastic program full of good advice for young people.
- Christine R
Useful perspective on handling your money
- Robert Jeremy S
Great speaker.
- Chris V
Both instructors did a very good job. I always learn so much from Laturno!
- Carole C
Mr. Laturno is a great attorney and presenter. He is enthusiastic about his craft and clearly cares a lot about his work. I always seek out his presentations.
- Rene S
Really informative and practical advice.
- Eva T
Very informative and inspiring. :0) Thank you
- Sherri B
Great video! Very informative and a great lecturer.
- Gil A
Highly informative
- Anthony G