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reminded me of my law school ethics class, for better and worse
- Steven S
It would be better if questions from the audience could be posted as the lapel mic fails to pick up the voices of audience members well. Consequently, the Q&A can be a pointless exercise as the listener cannot discern the question to which the presenter offers his/her opinion.
- Phillip B
Very good.
- Bonnie L
Excellent. Loved PR in law school--always found it interesting and useful. This was right up there.
- Michael P
really clear and interesting.
- Manuel R
good update
- Alvaro V
Well spoken presenter.
- Brent I
Excellent instruction on this developing area of professional practice!
- Angel D
Love this guy! Watch all three sessions of his.
- Donald L
Especially good course!
- Gus P
I loved the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and had a great delivery. I learned a lot.
- mark w
I had always been disappointed with MCLE course instruction as being uninformative and boring. I have taken three LexVid courses and all three have been a grand slam. Great instructors.
- Arnold Arthur R
This was an excellent video. I liked the real world examples he gave illustrating the rules. I must review all office policies to insure compliance with the rules.
- Diane Y
I could have used a little less history and a little more in-depth current guidance.
- Catherine W
concise and well presented in 1 hour
- R. S
Very useful.
- William P
This speaker pushed all of the important buttons and was clear.
- William S
Knowledgeable speaker
- Elliot T
The course was very interesting in showing how the MRPC are changing due to concerns about misconduct.
- Paul T
Excellent presenter!
- Rena S
too much history
- Ronald S
thank you!
- Jamie O
This man knew his stuff and presented it very well
- Richard P