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Course Reviews: Blurred Lines: Multi-Jurisdictional Practice

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.65 out of 5 Stars Based on 12,689 Ratings
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Great program, just a bit short on written materials to use as reference later. But very helpful for me, and I highly recommend the course.
- Todd K
Well done!
- Howard R
When taking questions it would be helpful to either have the audience mic'd or have the speaker repeat the questions.
- Mary F
- Jimmie F
One of best lecturers I have heard
- Arlo Hale S
A well-organized and clean presentation. Appreciated his taking questions from the course attendees.
- Ronald N
David is a very good speaker. I enjoy his presentations.
- Luis V
Good timely topic
- Steven M
Informative, Timely, engaging Instructor. Roy G.
- Roy G
One of the best.
- Barbara N
Very interesting and very relevant with the advent of electronic practice of law in multi jurisdictions.
- raymond c
A good succinct presentation from an effective communicator.
- Rob S
Good program.
- Tim L
Not particularly helpful for non-California attorneys.
- Joseph C
Engaging presentation and relevant to any practice. Excellent knowledge of subject matter and interesting examples.
- Mary Ann P
Really engaging. Smart presenter on a really perplexing topic.
Excellent presentation
- Jonathan T
excellent work.
- James V
I really enjoyed listening to the speaker -- he had a very good presentation style.
- Jeffrey N
Could spend a little less time on history of multi jurisdictional patchwork of laws and more time on the law as it is today but overall very good.
- Gus P
One of the best ethics courses I have ever attended.
- Dominic M
Very useful. I wish it had gone on longer.
- James R
One of the more interesting lectures I have watched
- Robert S
Great speaker and made a dry subject interesting!
- Donald L
Great course. Super relevant.
- Matthew W