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Course Reviews: Mindfulness Essentials for Professionalism

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.45 out of 5 Stars Based on 5,855 Ratings
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I'm not sure how practical Ms. Cohen's advice is. After all, some opposing counsel will continue being obnoxious until they find an comment or an issue that causes a reaction. However, I found her voice and presentation so soothing that I liked it anyway. Some remarks in the early minutes of her talk on the nature of the profession and legal practice are so on point that I would encourage the Bar to require all law school applicants to confirm that they've listened to them before their application is considered.
- William C
The first time a description of mindfulness made sense. Valuable information, not just for the practice of law, but for life in general.
- Vera N
amazing! I wouldn't mind more like this! everyone needs this in their lives and practices!
- Kristin C
I liked it.
- Michael S
I had so much "judgy" skepticism about this, but it really broke through. Very wise words from an interesting teacher with a broad view of the all-too-ignored aspects of practicing law.
- Jon J
I liked the comment about how you can waste more time and make it worse by hating that you have the problem.... but in the end its all just words.
- Conrad F. J
This is a great course to teach lawyers ways of giving peace to the mind and not letting feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed cause harm to the many people who are involved in any practice of law.
- Rachel R
Nicely done!
- Maureen T
Love this woman! Would take any and every course she teaches. I'ma litigator who left the law for so many of the reasons she sights attorneys are unhappy - the practice requires and cultivates characteristics unhealthy and antithetical to my values. I also now teach yoga and incorporating mindfulness into the practice of law is genius and something i hope to do when i go back into the field. Improve it with all the things i now know from studying and teaching yoga rather than leave the industry altogether!
- Lisa P
Wonderful program, thank you.
- Joanne R
Good refreshing reminders. Nice cle
- Geoffrey G
I was initially skeptical of this program but I was quickly won over by the presenter and her earnestness.
- Derek S
would have preferred if she did more than just lecture and gave us mindfulness exercises or tools to use to practice
- YuYee W
Excellent presentation by someone who is clearly an expert in her field. A written outline for download would have been helpful.
- Thomas N
Very thoughtful content!
- Robert S
She really captures a lot of the issues facing lawyers today.
- Jeremy S
- John R
Powerful and insightful!
- Andrea N
Really enjoyed the presentation and think it is incredibly important for attorneys to incorporate mindfulness into their practices. The article attached to the program is very informative too.
- Caroline F
Excellent program. Highly recommend for stressed out lawyers. (If there's any other kind, I imagine they found what is presented in this video.)
- Lisa W
- Marci U
I appreciated Ms. Cohen's organized presentation of the subject matter. Her points were clear and easy to follow on the video. I thought Ms. Cohen's introduction was particularly effective, where she highlights the mental issues, conditions of lawyering, and training characteristics that can work against being competent.
- Henry S
Very good perspective and tips!
- Milissa S
Wan't sure want to expect, but very informative and interesting with may practical examples.
- R. S
This course should be mandatory in law school! Sorely needed!
- Christina C