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Course Reviews: Marijuana Law: Product Liability Claims

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.61 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,465 Ratings
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This is the second course I've done with her and it was very good. She does a good job putting in useful info especially the case references.
- Raneene B
Brilliant. Good, clear, presentation of facts. Highlights why we society needs to have a grown up conversation about this product.
- Shabeer A
Great topic, and very knowledgeable speaker. Thank you!
- Vera N
Excellent content well presented
- Karen K
Excellent lecturer. She was very informative and made the subject matter extremely interesting.
- Serina R
Thank you! Your comparison with Pharma and Tobacco industries lessons-learned was very helpful.
- Wesley S
Thank you,
- Ricardo P
Well done!
- Michael S
Excellent presentation!
- Stacy S
Excellent Course.
- Jeanne K
Martina seems to have great familiarity with her subject matter. I could watch her all day. I wish all 15 hours of my CLE could be presented by her, on this subject!
- Jim H
Cutting edge stuff!
- Jason S
Excellent presenter and a good overview of a new and emerging area of the law. Thank you.
- James D
Great presentation by a presenter who seems to be well informed and who has a passion for the topic. I think this was an interesting entry into an unexplored world and she did a great job.
- David P
- Jeffrey M
Very interesting material.
- Annie L
Fine. Did not address issue of plaintiff standing to bring suit for regulatory violations
- Dina D
I was happy to learn more about this topic with medical marijuana now being legal in Ohio and the growers and processors will be operating soon.
- Kelley S
Difficult balance between state and federal law.
- Harry J. N
Terrific lecture. The speaker described the material in an easy-to-understand, yet engaging and very interesting way. I enjoyed it.
- Kevin D
Very interesting and informative. Easy to follow.
- Kavita T
very informative
- Patrice T
My best course.
- David P
I learned alot!
- Katherine D
Great presentation about a subject I never gave any thought to.
- Sanford S