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Course Reviews: What Attorneys Need to Know About Life Insurance That Agents May Not Tell You

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.57 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,158 Ratings
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Very good content and presentation!!
- Jon M
Very informative
- William N
very nice presenttion
- scott r
Terrific introductory insights into life insurance. I would have like more content on using life insurance vehicles in estate planning, such as irrevocable trusts.
- Carol Lee H
Thank you for your time. However, I do not agree that it's a good idea to convert to a permanent policy.
- Alice Gayle A
Would have liked a bit more general overwiew of life insurance industry, and role that attorney plays when client passes away - which would include a nuts and bolt approach. Also I am a NY lawyer - some reference to NY law might have been helfpful.
- Jonathan H
Unique course. Very practical.
Good program and good speaker. I learned a lot. Thank you very much. By the way, please tell me how I can listen this program again if I wanted to refresh what I have learned? Your help will be appreciated.
- Yii-Chwen P
It was difficult to hear questions from the audience, and the instructor didn't repeat all the questions for those who couldn't hear them. Also, it would have been better if there were slides of pertinent information up on the screen as the instructor talked.
- Karen G
I can tell you - I learned a lot. Found out valuable information that I can as well.
- lebertha u
I really liked this course. I wish the information in the handout explained what was in the lecture better. The lecture was not long so I believe the handout could have been fleshed out. However, I do acknowledge that the handout does present the points in sufficient detail for me to research further and contact the instructor if necessary. Technologically, it would have been nice to be able to better hear the questions from the participants. Knowing the lecture is being recorded it would have been nice to have some device that would pick up the speech from the audience. The lecturer did repeat most of the questions that participants asked but he forgot to repeat a couple.
Great speaker. I know so little about life insurance
- Kathleen F
Informative. Definitely should be viewed buy al lawyers.
- john l
Very well done presentation by a well-qualified speaker. Provides in the auditor confidence in the subject matter, credibility and reliability.
Learn some new things about life insurance.
- Linda S
Great overview.
- Jana P
The speaker presents his clearly great familiarity with insurance and tax consequences in an understandable way. The written materials are good, but I wish they were more complete.
- Shirley S
- Glen S
Best class by far on lexvid - practical knowledge
- Christa W
Really good information, for me personally as well as my clients.
- Bette R
- Brian F
I wish the program were longer,did not feel that I learned enough. Could the presenter cover some of the dangers of purchasing life insurance. I have heard some horror stories re dangers to the insured from greedy to protect against this, if it's at all possible.
- Jeannie T