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Course Reviews: Why the Legal System Brings Unhappiness to Lawyers - & What to Do About It

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.36 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,490 Ratings
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Sobering statistics.
- Vera N
The presenter concludes that the best course of action for the state of the profession is, in effect, to stop practicing law and become a counselor. This is not really a workable solution for the majority of lawyers. whilst it's interesting, the concept is not practical for most people.
- W Brent V
Honest, real, superb
- Tania R
Good info for all lawyers to consider.
- dan a
Good info - a little slow but helpful.
- Lee T
Great speaker.
- Chrsi V
I'm convinced!
- Wanda S
The course was not really about legal responsibilities or current professional content ... but the presenter knew her topic from heartfelt experience! Good job and good advise regarding the emotional and often disheartening experiences of attorneys.
- Elizabeth Y
she had some great points and ideas on how to manage life better.
- Dorianne R
Very Good! Course will resonate with most lawyers!
- Randa J
REALLY Informative.
Great course. Very enlightening. Thank you.
- David R
An exceptionally important presentation. Heck, it should be required viewing for the public at large, not just attorneys!
- Scott M
I thought it was a good program however, it only spoke (in large part) to litigating attorneys and I would have liked balanced information for a non litigating attorney.
- Susan A
My practice has been headed in this direction for the reasons Ms Sobel talked about. I will apply the principles to increase my happiness.
- Brad T
Presentation was marginal. The instructor read her Power Point slides through the entire program. She should have relied less on her notes, and more on extemporaneous presentation of her program materials.
- Robert O
She nails it and more!
- Lizabeth R
She's very likable and easy to listen to
- Diane G
Good advice for hanging on to your sanity!
- Nancy Lee W
Very good
- Steve D
Interesting perspective.
- Annmarie Z
Great stress reliever!!! Good job.
- John M
Really fabulous that the speaker presents an alternative way to practice AND THEN even offers the viewer another MCLE by the same provider that tells you how it can be done! And if you're not interested in that, directs you to a great book you can give to your clients to help make your current practice run more smoothly. So efficient and anticipates exactly what you need. Most importantly, she draws attention to what we all already know and gets attorneys thinking about how to help under served segments of the community in need of legal services while also helping themselves lead more balanced more fulfilling lives. Really great presenter.
- Tina F