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Good overview presentation with excellent issue spotting content. There is a lot of clicking noise that was a little disturbing.
- Celene R
Well done. Informative and enlightening.
- L. Zoe T
Charming intelligent presentation
- Parker W
- john f
Really enjoyed the presentation.
- Tracy W
Presentation was good. I like the down to earth and practical presentation style of the presenter. However, there was an annoying clicking sound through out much of the video. It sounded like the sound was picking up someone working on their computer. "Click, click, click . . ." Very annoying.
- Jason G
Nice presentation to have a drink while listening!
- Scott P
Interesting topics.
- Michelle L
very informative.
- Alvin J R
This course seemed mostly average. I would have like some specific examples, especially about the regulatory compliance.
- Ian B
Instructor very passionate about her subject matter. And, well spoken.
- Craig C
Excellent presentation!!
- Vera N
Excellent program.
- richard w
Very knowledgeable. Great presentation.
- Rebecca V
Great topic!
- Mary Ann P
An animated instructor with a dedication and love for her practice area. A good overview of the legal problems facing craft breweries, especially start-ups. I would have preferred more historical discussion of the layering laws for production, distribution and marketing going back to the repeal of prohibition in this country. This would have rounded the presentation which is a little stilted toward California. Overall, a good primer that really applies to any new small business entrant to a new product field. Thank you.
- James D
Great job and very informative!
- Ethan P
Very clear and useful.
- John B
Very concise, yet comprehensive coverage of the legal needs of breweries.
- David T
Really enjoyed Ms. Moon's business and legal advice during the lecture on craft breweries. This is a new area for me and I'm becoming increasingly interested in the business. Thank you.
- Jana P
Very unique and well done
- Kevin P
Background noise of some sort was annoying. Good presenter.
- Jeremy R. O
Excellent presentation
- Evelyn S
- xiaochun j
Great practical review of considerations for craft breweries and frankly any other small business or startup!!!
- Robert O