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Course Reviews: Introduction to Government Contracting

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.56 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,760 Ratings
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Excellent presentation.
- William C
Presenter managed to make a dry subject more interesting.
- David P
My work includes a lot of Federal rules and regulations; this course is very helpful.
- Gloria G
Excellent primer to Government Contracting
- Nicholas K
Yes, this course was very relevant to a new business need of mine.
- Rodney H
Excellent overview.
- Karen P
straight forward
- pete c
Fine overview of Federal Procurement topics.
- Richard N
Very good overview of the subject.
- Douglas D
Overall an outstanding introduction to Govt Contracting. I would have liked a few more regulation references.
- Vincent W
I enjoy the use of the information pane to provide the background information to the speaker's commentary.
- Brian Y
very well presented
- john l
Good nuts and bolts. Would be good to add spark to presentation.
- Mauricio G
Nice course. Wish it covered state contracts as well.
- Mark B
very good overview
- Kenneth L
Very well presented and informative.
- Clifford H
- John T
- Luke T
Lot's of great information.
- Tyra P
It was obvious the instructor was knowledgeable and there was a lot of useful info. but it amounted to almost a reading of a list of the applicable government regulations. I know there are many of the them and that this was an introductory course, but I found myself wanting more development of some of the regulations cited.
- Deborah M
Excellent overview of a complex topic
- Amanda L
excellent course
- Andrea G
The speaker was knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. I learned a few new things during this course.
- Audrey S
Really liked this instructor's teaching ability & style.
- Lori V
Excellent presentation with just the right level of detail to inform, yet not to overwhelm. Very useful slides that supported each stage of presentation.
- Teddy R