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The instructor gave an excellent lecture on this topic.
- Serina R
- Gregg S
Fantastic and inspiring overview of important work
- Juliet O
Excellent presenter!
- Kristen F
very compelling presentation
- mark p
Very impressive.
- Richard R
This was really, really good.
- Kathryn T
This Course was excellent as far as the amount of information covered and the quality of the information.
- Paula L
Great slides and good use of case law.
- Nick W
Well presented expose on human trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. The big takeaway is how few cases have been brought against these human traffickers. There was really no cogent or compelling explanation presented to address this gap between crimes and prosecutions. Overall, a very sad picture of a very serious problem highlighting the impotency of a legal solution. Another approach is needed but the presenter did not address this obvious derivative of the data presented. Something more needs to be done. What is it?
- James D
This presentation is exceptionally done to give a clear and detailed orientation to any attorney interested in helping the victims of human trafficking.
- Rachel R
Excellent presentation.
- Debra L
Presenter is very informative and knowledgeable.
- Rogelio P
This is the best course I have watched on LexVid so far. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and concise. Thank you!
- Matthew M
Great CLE!
- Sara D
- susan y
Excellent presenter with strong knowledge of the subject matter.
- Tammi E
Very interesting subject. This is a topic that should be offered more often.
- Steve S
Cool on a very important subject! Great Vocational Mission!!!
- Angel D
Both very interesting and informative
- Belinda W
Excellent summary of an interesting and important body of law.
- Emily O
- Sarah K
Well presented and easy to listen to throughout the hour.
- Donald L
A very detailed and interesting look at an area of law not often discussed from an issue that still remains rather under the radar.
- Lisa B
Excellent topic, I wish there were more like this out there.
- Kacey M