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Great lecture.
- John Louis L
Knowledgeable presenter, great info for labor practice.
- Jaime S
I appreciated how he just gave you the facts you needed - no silliness, no trying to be funny, no going off on tangents.
- Wendy S
Good overview of the latest developments.
- Raymond R
The presenter was a bit on the "droning" side but did know his stuff and I found it interesting and useful
- Maury M
Speaker's presentation using cases discussion to illustrate legal theory is very well done. He articulates precisely and at the perfect pace. I enjoy his seminars.
- John E
Well done. Covered range of developing topics and provided guide posts to further research on issues.
- Timothy K
Excellent overview of current law.
- Donna M
Very professional and focused presentation, helpful to general practitioners but aimed at those who deal with employment law regularly.
- Owen H
Always very informative
- Kenneth H
It would have been helpful if the handout had tracked the information presented in the presentation.
- Bruce H
Written materials were not complete.
- Matthew V
Thorough and comprehensive. Managed to cover quite a bit of material within the allotted time.
- Carolyn B
Despite a somewhat dry style, I can listen to Fitzgerald for hours on labor topics.
- noel g
Excellent lecture and lecturer!
- Jonathan W
Mr. Fitzpatrick is wonderfully prepared and, as a result, his lectures are informative and enjoyable. He has an ability to present sometimes complex laws and Court rulings in a manner that non-specialists can understand. Add to that that balancing what might be politically charged decisions with fair presentations of each side’s position is difficult, at best, and more often, impossible, Mr. Fitzpatrick finds that narrow ground lending itself to real communication. He does several lectures for LexVid and I recommend all of them without hesitation.
- Charles M
Thanks for a comprehensive overview of a bunch of "hot topics" in employment law. It would be awesome if the written materials & case citations were current and from higher courts or US laws, such as citations to US employment laws, US Supreme Court cases and Federal Appellate Court cases. Rulings from lower federal courts (US District Courts) and state courts are not applicable to attorneys in other jurisdictions, unless they indicate the majority trend.
- Teresa Z
good thorough lecture
- Louis T
Good ,practical overview.
- Diane K