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Course Reviews: Homeowner's Associations: Basics & Recurring Legal Issues

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.45 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,223 Ratings
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Excellent question answer teaching format made the video more exciting to watch.
- Edgar G
I wish I had taken this class when I owned a condo. The information is clear.
- Margarita P
More HOA courses!
- Nathan M
Overall, very informative presentation and good references to authorities, especially for us California attorneys. However, the Q&A seemed to slow down the flow of the presentation, but part of the reason is because the audience could not be heard clearly unless the volume was turned up very high, and not all of the questions were repeated by the presenter; it is very helpful to the video viewer (as oppose to live audience member) to repeat the questions. Also, I would try to limit the number questions asked during the presentation. Thanks.
- Erik L
Material was good, but course was too much driven by the audience's questions rather than by instructor's agenda. Also, couldn't hear the questions being asked by audience so didn't understand the context of answers. If we could hear questions, would have been better but audience did not let instructor drive the course.
- Katharine B
I'm not that interested in HOA law but I thought the presenter did a great job. Very informative and very helpful. The best I've seen so far on this site.
- Seth J
- Michael S
Great program!
- richard w
It's troubling how so many millions of us Americans have quietly surrendered so much of our freedom to the corporate tyranny of homeowners' associations... All in the name of clean stucco and manicured lawns.
- Paul K
Very complete introductory course covering a lot of material.
- Stephen G
Questions from the audience were difficult to hear and the speaker would respond to questions without informing the viewer about the nature of the question.
- Robert F
Culture of HOA is much more relaxed in California than in NYC. Interesting to learn about HOA's in California compared to NYC.
- Rosemary P
Great style...not BS
- Enrique T
It was difficult to hear the audience when they asked questions to the presenter.
- Maeda R
Questions from the audience should have been repeated by lecturer to enhance course content; could not always hear the audience's questions/observations.
- Wanda S
this was a good course. would have liked more detail about current issues like Airbnb and medical marijuana and now just plan legal marijuana. it would be VERY helpful if LEXVID includes dates of taping so the consumer knows how current the material is
- Melissa S
Very informative on HOAs, even for attorneys from other areas who might consider buying a home in a community governed by a HOA.
- Mindy R
Good but could have been more structured.
- Eric Y
Good practical info
- Thomas T
Great review. E
- Eric S
The instructor's responses to the many, many questions from the live program attendees diminished the content available to the online audience. I would very much prefer to hear what the instructor considers important to hearing about attendees personal scenarios.
- Kathleen R
I found the Q & A interesting.
- Robert G
Decent presentation, but the written materials need more detail.
- john g
Good presentation but it would have been better without the Q&A and comments from the audience.
- Gregory S
Would like a few more examples of case law with regard to certain issues. I think the AirBnB thing is fascinating and definitely an area that could use more elaboration as some HOA are trying to fit this under the "operating a business in the home" if they did not have a 30 min requirement in their CC&Ls
- Amy S