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Course Reviews: Update on Family Separation Law with the ACLU

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.63 out of 5 Stars Based on 11,668 Ratings
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This was a fabulous presentation by an informed articulate presenter. It could not have been better. Thank you!
- Beverly S
Another excellent program. I am a 40 year practitioner and by far these are the best and most informative CLEs I have ever heard.
- Bruce Z
Fascinating presentation that pulls together recent events and clarifies the legal arguments and positions
- Mary D
Great speaker and very relevant content.
- Jennifer C
Timely and thought provoking. Every attorney should learn from this.
- Janice b
I learned more aboutthe ACLU. The immigration issues were well explained.
- Lennie G
Excellent instructor; excellent and relative content
- Sakunthala E
Would love to see these regularly, from Bardis or any of his colleagues. Very efficient and informative.
- Jamila B
This would have been a better course had there not been so many interruptions with questions.
- Yvonne C
The lecture was good. Thanks to the presenter. What is often an issue with the lectures in general is there are time references like last month, tomorrow, etc. It would be beneficial to include the date of the taping & if there are cases mentioned with results coming that are hanging during the lecture, the presenters should send in a short update & you should include it in the info. There's a feeling of incompleteness otherwise. I'm not suggesting a lengthy follow up, just some & some direction of how to follow up unless it's your intention to tape a new lecture on those subjects.
- Catherine C
Really relevant. Thanks
- Angela N
- Noah G
Very insightful as to the family separation issue.
- Reve B
- Richard K
Excellent presentation!
- Rebecca G
Excellent! More of these kinds of videos, please!
- Michelle G
After a single hour I now understand in much greater detail the facts, history and law surrounding the Trump child separation policy and the efforts of ACLU and others to reverse that policy, which was instituted hastily without forethought, preparation, or an understanding of the consequences. As a result, its implementation was nothing short of cruel, especially the failure to keep track of the whereabouts of both the parents and the children who were separated from each other. Great course. Instructor was knowledgeable and answered every one of the many questions thrown at him. Thanks.
- Craig C
- Angela B
The presenter was obviously passionate about the cause, but I would have preferred a more balanced presentation. I sympathize with his views - I just think that hearing both sides is useful.
- KK B
Very informative and very relevant material from a true expert
- Paul A
Excellent presentation. Great work!
- Erinn W
Very informative about current events, and I regained a little respect for the ACLU.
- Helen S