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Course Reviews: Family Creation Options: An Overview of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Arrangements

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.64 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,763 Ratings
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Very interesting field of law.
- Mark C
Thoroughly enjoyed this heretofore unfamiliar (to me) area of family law. The presenter was very astute with the subject matter she presented. Highly recommended!
- John E
Amazing grasp of the applicable areas of law and drafting of the contractual concepts. Conversational in a highly professional manner.
- Arnold L
Well presented.
- susan y
Great course!
- cheryl f
Very Good. Presenter was well prepared.
- barbara Z
Outstanding presentation. Very thorough.
- Evelyn S
The instructor was awesome!!
- Susan V
This was an excellent and informative presentation.
- La Donna C
Interesting information and relative!
- Susan P
This was so valuable makes Family law less scary for newbies
- carla c
Very engaging and informative.
- Phyllis S
Comprehensive yet accessible- well done.
- Kimberly G
Great presentation on overall aspects and issues of ART. Outline was very helpful for following along, but a little more detailed notes on the more problematic areas of concern would have been helpful.
- Angela W
Excellent! The outline was excellent and came up and stayed up throughout the presentation.
- Linda S
Not an area I would feel comfortable representing someone but because of the extent of the information, would know how to inform a client and I know of experts who have specialized in this field. Very informative.
- Mary Kay G
Very interesting presentation by obviously knowledgeable presenter.
- Linda R
This video is somewhat dated and should be updated to reflect changes to the law on same-sex marriage and any significant updates as this is a developing area of law.
- Andrew F
- Melissa S
very well done
- Andrea G
broad ranging legal concerns discussed in a legally and emotionally charged area of family law.
- Berry Shawn C
Overall good but outdated since gay marriage ruling last year.
- Lauren P
Great presenter! Would love more from her and more in-depth on this topic!
- Kelly E
It was very interesting and very informative of an new area of law
- Richard P
Great lecture and presentation
- Naheed R