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Course Reviews: Introduction to the Examination of Altered Documents

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.72 out of 5 Stars Based on 13,778 Ratings
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I could have spent 6 hours listening - very interesting topic and enthusiastic instructor.
- Cynthia M
Best course I've completed on Lexvid. Very interesting and engaging speaker who did not read from any transcript. Learned much AND enjoyed the presentation immensely.
- Teresa L H
Good course.
- Jon M
Fascinating subject made very easy to follow by an excellent presenter.
- Kenneth P
Excellent presentation. Well structured, delivered, and relevant.
- Kyle O
Very interesting subject.
- Rafael M
This speaker is very good. He is engaging, keeps the material moving along, and inflects enough humor to take it out of 'this is so dry!'. Plus, he should star on CSI- he knows a lot.
- Johanna H
While every document discussed was shown on the screen, Mr. Waskshull appeared to be highlighting portions of the documents that were not shown. This distracted from the presentation which otherwise was very interesting and informative.
- Barbara G
1. I deal with matters related to mortgage fraud, so very pertinent material. Very informative and very entertaining. 2. My one constructive criticism is that the audience members cannot be heard when they are asking questions. This is problematic because we only get to hear the answers. A recommendation would be to encourage lecturers to repeat the questions before answering them.
- Thomas G
Great presentation.
- David B
You need to produce better images of the slides shown by the presenter. Many of them were blurry and difficult to see.
- David S
Very well presented and very interesting material.
- Kristin B
Absolutely fascinating presentaion.
- Ralph R
Mike Wakshull is a unique and riveting speaker -- for a nerdish science type. Worth watching just to watch his mind work.
- James D
Very good
- Harry H
Very informative presentation.
- Thomas W
Great info! Really interesting!
- Robert K
excellent program
- Nicholas A
This man really knows his stuff!
- Jimmie F
Very Interesting
- Marc V
- Maria K
Great course
- Michael K
- Jonette J
Course all lawyers should take!
- Kenneth S