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Course Reviews: Ethics of AI ChatGPT

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.78 out of 5 Stars Based on 514 Ratings
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Interesting and informative. I bet you are a popular professor. :)
- Suzanne O
fab teacher
- brooke w
Excellent presentation overall!! Really enjoyed this since it is so relevant.
- Alessandra C
Excellent course with real life examples.
- Laurence K
- Nathaniel K
Very well done
- Richard S
Very interesting and informative. Just what is needed for a beginner in ChatGPT and ethical considerations. It would be worthwhile to develop intermediate level on this topic.
Great information. I didn't realize that AI could do all that
- Jill S
Excellent MCLE. I spent several months this year learning how to integrate different AI platforms powered by different LLMs and this MCLE really brought up some excellent issues in the spaces in between some of the more sales and FAQ based industry strategies for business AI implementation. Thank you for an excellent MCLE. - James Polk
- James P
Very good course; strong presentation. This course made me think beyond the presented material, and made me consider how to help clients with this information as well. Great job!
- Tracy W
Well prepared course.
- Rita N
scary and necessary - the AI research may save a bunch of time but the record keeping of all of the info, what, when, how, client consent, etc eats up a bunch of the saved time.
- Thomas C
good course
Great hob
- Audrey M
Fabulous presentation!
- Marianne C
Excellent presentation on a most important new technology!
- Eric S F
Excellent, informative, timely. She rocks!
- Dean P
- Nosheen K
Thank you for a great presentation. Working in Intellectual Property, AI is making our jobs pretty crazy!
- Christine Marie M
- Ryan L
Good presentation but a little repetitive
- John G
Great course. Very informative. The live demonstration is invaluable!
- Debra C