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Although the presenter knew the subject well, the course content was narrowed to the extent that she referred only to Texas and a specific County's rules and not the ABA model rules, which would have been more helpful to non-Texas attorneys. Also her pauses between points were a bit too long and distracting.
- Marsha D
Smart speaker giving a great over view.
- MaryBeth L
This course went where no course has gone before
- Michael K
Good content, but too specific on TX law and the presentation was abbot dry and stilted. Kept thinking my internet dropped because of all the long pauses.
- Giulianna R
Excellent, professional, clean presentation. Very helpful.
- Lynn S
Very professional and interesting presentation A new subject for me
- Theodore S
Speaker gave me a great marketing idea.
- Vida F
Very good presentation; wish it could have been longer!
- Judith S
Excellent topic.
- Mary Ann P
More about limited scope than virtual practice.
- Amy B
Great presentation.
- Edward R
Worked at the level of advising how to interact in such a setting. Could have gone into how to set up such a practice.
- Roland H
Great information and presentation. Thank you.
- Thomas W
Very interesting and timely presentation. Excellent work by Attorney Antoinette Bone.
Well presented. She is outstanding.
- steve v
Very nice/good on some of the ethics and traps of limited scope representation.
- Gregor W
Interesting but presenter was very stilted and paused too many times.
- Evelyn S
Excellent presentation of the material. Interesting, current, and held my attention fully.
- Cheryl L
An emerging area of legal representation. California statutes/cases were not available.
- Thomas V
Very well done! Highly recommended!
- Scott M
- xiaochun j
Thank you for the shout out to MilSpouse attorneys.
- Marianne G
Great, appreciate the anatomy mention. ; )
- Dean S
Recommended. Helpful and interesting insight into limited scope representation agreements.
- Jonathan S
Not sure why a course discussing Texas law is being offered to satisfy the California ethics requirement.
- Dee W