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Course Reviews: Do the Right Thing in Cyber Space: Privilege & Ethics in the Digital Age

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 12,386 Ratings
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The gentleman is plainly knowledgeable and the information was very useful.
- Bonnie B
The video repeatedly stopped "burped" and would eventually restart. Other than that...excellent content and presentation.
- Elen Pass B
Effective/knowledgeable expert in this area of law. Great presentation.
- Jaime S
- Stephen J
I had heard of the Clawback agreement, but sis not know what it was. Now I do!
- Gloria G
Easy to listen to and I liked that he mixed things up with the creative media.
- MaryBeth L
Excellent presentation of an attorney's duty to keep abreast of obligation to preserve attorney client confidentiality in the electronic age. Norbert W
- Norbert W
The Power Point slides seemed to be out of order and/or missing some content. Otherwise, great presentation and very informative.
- Kimberly C
Good presentation. I would have liked more California specific information on Codes and Rules.s
- robert p
Very insightful. Will change the way I practice.
- Mark B
A lot to chew on, well presented!
- Barbara S
Excellent information. Easy to listen to.
- Jerri C
Very informative
- lebertha u
Very informative. Well organized. Practical and helpful.
- Thomas L
Mr. Rashbaum is very knowledgeable. He is up on case law and professional responsibility provisions, and his discussion incorporates relevant rules and cases (not to mention an old clip from Get Smart). This is a well thought-out hour on traps for the unwary that exist with internet, cloud and other digital systems that we tend to take for granted.
- Robert E
wonderful program and wonderful speaker.
- Yii-Chwen P
i like him! wish all presenters were as easy to listen to...LOVE the Cone of Silence!!!
- pete c
Excellent presentation!
- Peter G
The course was great and extremely convenient. I will take more of these courses in the future.
- Cordelia H
Excellent presentation
- Russ L
Thought provoking!
- susan y
Sad that it has come to this .....
- David V
Excellent presentation.
- William E
Good overview.
- Daniel M
Nice to learn
- DC Jim D