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Course Reviews: Entertainment Law Basics: An Expert Witness's Perspective

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 945 Ratings
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This video presents the entertainment industry and laws from the perspective of an expert insider with great Hollywood lineage.
- James D
Great coverage and very practical. Helped me know what I do not know.
- Matthew E
Great job by Mr. Sherman. It is great to hear about the issues in entertainment law from a pro who is not a lawyer. He lives with the law and understands how it actually works.
- steven h
The best lecture I've ever heard about how ethics and morals should be connected to a substantive area of law; in this case, entertainment law, which is essentially contract law and copyright law. This course should ppropriately be categorized under Ethics, and as it now is, under Entertinament Law. The fact that this compelling course is given by a non-lawyer who has operated in the Entertainment Industry for a half century is one of its most compelling features.
- Pauline T
Enjoyable and friendly! Finally a simple explanation of copyright law that is easy to remember.
- Julie S
Useful info
- Garrick F
Mr. Sherman is clearly an experienced and decent man. The course does indicate that it is "basic". However, in my opinion, the material is very, verybasic perhaps too basic for most attorneys. I may be wrong and I am not disparaging Mr Sherman or his experience.
- Thomas V
One of the best. Simple, straight forward and true. The lecturer expert is authentic.
- Hector U
I enjoyed the speaker's personal stories about the subject. He seemed very experienced, knowledgeable, and informative.
- Tiffany C
I like that it was a non-lawyer expert point of view.
- Tyra P
Very good presentation by someone who is not an attorney. It was nice to hear about entertainment law from his perspective.
- Donna K
Love this guy
- Stephen S
Excellent overview and synopsis for those new to this area. Very positive outlook on the law and the role of lawyers.
- Julianne B