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Course Reviews: Employee Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.65 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,494 Ratings
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I'd love to hear an update from a 2018 perspective about some of the changes companies have made that were speculation at the time. Very matter of fact, to the point and informative presentation.
- Adella W
The instructor was concise, kept it interesting, relevant and was easy to listen to.
- Deborah D
Well done.
- MaryBeth L
Great course
- Elise W
The course presenter thoroughly covered the course's subject matter. I absolutely believe that I now how a firm grasp of all issues surrounding sexual orientation and employee benefits. This was one of the best, thorough, well-organized and well-presented CLE presentations I've ever seen.
- Michael W
The written material is excellent!!
- Thomas J
Very comprehensive overview and wonderful speaker/presentation
- Kathleen R
It was clear and concise. The information was revelant and covered some issues that I didn't anticipate being a part of the presentation but, I'm glad they were. Thank you.
- Tameka P
Decent course. Still did not see course number for Florida cle credit
- Suzanne G
The presenter was excellent. Presentation was succinct and entertaining.
- Robert J
Very knowledgeable and hits on all the new and complex issues.
- Marianne R
I thought that Mr. Solomon made a great and sensitive presentation regarding an issue that is highly important to the Nation, as we go forward.
- Scott M
timely and interesting updates on Obergfell decision from June 2015............
- John Z
Very good presentation.
- Robert W
One of the best LexVid presentations and presenters!
- Miguel T
Useful information, Good course.
- Linda R
Course was good and timely. I look forward to an update.
- Ana M
Good overview of little discussed topic.
- James W
Best LexVid lecture thus far! I appreciated the lecturer's clear organization succinct coverage of things like QDROs.
- Kristina S
well presented, the time flew by and material was quite informative.
- Neil C
This CLE course was most timely and informative and I sincerely appreciate the information.
- Brock R
audio went out at the very end
- Catherine K
This was an interesting course on the new laws and policies for same-sex marriages in the workplace, and it was very informative!
- Jeffrey N
Clear voice, clear material, expert grasp.
- Meredith S
Very topical content useful for future reference
- Steven M