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Excellent, showing that law can be used in service of compassion and human dignity. But the presentation is five yeas old! Doesn't that destroy a large part if its value and usefulness? It needs to be updated to make it useful for CLE.
- Roger A
Way too many statistics from surveys. Also, this is woefully outdated - you need to toss it and get a current one. And just really boring.
- Joan F
This was a very well explained and informative course. Everyone should take it.
- Pamela D
I thoroughly enjoyed this CLE; I received phenomenal substantive information, tremendous and invaluable public policy information and a terrific reminder as to how 2013 court cases and decisions shaped and formulated the current 2017 legal landscape. The CLE's presenter's tone was a bit modulated; some folks may have found her speaking style monotonous and metronome-like...I very much enjoyed her speaking style, as it sounded as she was extremely vested in what's happened and what's happening nationwide to America's LGBT community. Her substantive knowledge, high intelligence and terrific voice combined to make this a wonderful and terrific learning experience.
- Michael W
The instructor was a little too promotional at the end.
- Gina T
Very thorough presentation and well thought through. Good survey of the issues.
- Judith S
Excellent presentation! Thank you.
- adriana b
- susan y
Excellent presenter! Good program.
- Norva K
Very well rounded course. A good one to have in your quiver.
- Ngozi B
In serious need of updating.
- Wiliam P
Some slides seem to be missing. Otherwise, very happy with the content and best practices suggestions.
- Vivian T
Very concise presentation of this current and evolving issue on our legal system.
- Loren P
Bravo. Very meaningful. Very persuasive.
- William S
Great class! Thank you so much!!! It is amazing how the laws have changed since law school and we still have work to do!
- Mark N T
Excellent program but badly in need of an update. The Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell in 2015, but this program dates from 2013. Please update!
- Lee R
First, glad to see this important course offered. I think, as I watch it in 2/17 it needs major legal updates. For example the SCt Opinion legalizing same-sex marriage, the updated religious "freedom" legislation, further bathroom law litigation, etc. These and other factors change information contained here. Also, tho it's impossible to fit all in one hour, it bears further work & updates on psychological studies, definitions of sexuality and gender instead of relying so heavily on just HRC reasearch. JD, LMFT
- Stephanie H
wonderful program, pace, and personable disposition. easy to listen to and follow. :)
- daniel s
Really excellent overview by a well-informed presenter. Well done!!
- Marianne R
Interesting and helpful overview; would be good to have more nuts and bolts rules; would be good to make presentation more dynamic.
- Mauricio G
Not quite as current as I'd hoped, but still very valuable and informative.
- Thomas H
Sometimes over simple but excellent all around!
- David V
Great job Carol Gillam. Excellent course.
- Jonathon K
Informative and useful information.
- Robert S
Carol is a wonderful speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed this MCLE video.
- Laura R