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Excellent presentation and content. I wish we made every lawyer and judge listen to this presentation.
- Phillip T
Very well presented material that was thought provoking and important for all attorneys (and people in general) to think about.
- Marsha D
- Christopher B
Fantastic presentation & presenter. I learned about myself and biases we all have, but never really address or talk about. As judges, it is important to be unbiased--hopefully, this makes me better and more objective.
- Jaime S
It would have been good to see the slides she was discussing.
- Katherine B
A thought provoking presentation
- philip b
Very interesting and enlightening information.
- Allen H
I am glad I took this course. I had some theories about judges and juries over the years that now are more understandable for me.
- william s
I have been aware of these bias studies for years. But I wasn't aware of the glaring inadequacies of judges who intuit just as much as the average person, absent clear deliberation. The most important fact I learned is that the legal community, with judges at the summit, should be made aware of these studies on bias so that they employ more deliberation in their decisions. The studies are no more than sociological readings unless they are used as teaching tools by those who are the most responsible for the fate of those who are routinely discriminated against.
- Harriette L
Wonderful coure
- Michael K
Wow!!! This was an amazingly informative and helpful CLE. Thank you!!!
- Mpatanishi T
Slides discussed in program not shown.
- E L
Great course. The speaker seemed very compassionate and very concerned about the problem she was addressing. Well presented!
- Frank B
did not see written materials very interesting and relevant content
- Mary M
Great information...!
- John R
The IAT recommended was very useful.
- Michael P
This was the best elimination of bias course I have taken in all my years of practice. For me, the most important aspect of the program was in learning what bias really is and how it manifests itself. I understood my own biases better, and I learned some useful techinques to control bias. A great course. Bravo!
- John M
Excellent course and very interesting.
- Maria C
Ms. Oppenheimer presents many necessary concepts that are present in our aspects of decision making. She effectively brought audience participation by using interactive exercises that demonstrate the implicit biases of the attendee.
- Mike W
Most interesting CLE I've ever taken! I'll probably watch again right now!
- Laurel F
- Kimberley B
Very thoughtful and helpful presentation.
- Wendy T
I really enjoyed this course....
- Cynthia F
Eye opening!
- Karen P
Enjoyed the examples!
- Taryn P