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Elimination of Bias - Women in the Law: Flying the Coop on the Wings of Economic & Institution Power

Presented by Patricia Gillette

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Course Description

Length: 1h 4min    Published: 4/2/2014    
Despite the significant rise of the number of women in the legal field, females in law firms are still struggling to overcome bias and catch up with their male counterparts when it comes to institutional leadership and economic power. In fact, although 45% of law firm associates are female, only 16% are equity partners and less than 5% are heads of law firms. In this program, Patricia Gillette, notable employment law attorney and advocate for women's advancement in the legal industry, will address bias against women in the law firm setting. Drawing personal examples of experiencing and overcoming bias in BigLaw, Ms. Gillette will take an in-depth look at the primary reasons such biases exist, and provide valuable strategies on overcoming these biases. Ms. Gillette also providers a number of valuable tips on building relationships and reputation in order to obtain - and help women in your law firm obtain - positions of power within the firm and become a successful rainmaker.

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Patricia Gillette


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"This was fantastic and really changed my way of thinking on the topic. A must watch!"

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