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Course Reviews: E-Document Management & Legal Requirements

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.00 out of 5 Stars Based on 7,261 Ratings
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I enjoyed this presenter and the information is relevant to any field.
- Alison P
This is oriented toward large organizations, is helpful but a bit too complex for small practices
- Eric M
The examples of the buckets and the applicable regulations were helpful.
- Douglas C
Excellent content.
- R. Scott J
Very informative. And a little scary.
- Cheryl H
Great information
- Kathleen R
Very informative. Good speaker.
- Yip-Chwen P
Compelling speaker/excellent presentation of important information management issues.
- Donald C
This is one of the best CLE programs I have ever listened to! It strategized the potentially overwhelming process of data management into steps of document classifications that will satisfy compliance and legal requirements.
- Rachel R
This was way over my head. Those of us who are sole practitioners or in small firms got very little from this presentation.
- James A
Very pleased with this course, The subject matter was in depth enough that I could see the intricacies of any record retention program. I am always baffled that companies, medical services, schools, government offices, are cavalier about the use of such record retention. Cost is always an uphill climb, and I liked his suggestion on who to bring in to the team in term of players. Most are only concerned with budget. While there are some governmental pushes and others that are litigation driven, the point is that insittutions are solely concerned about what must be done minimally. Records management isn't sexy or high visibility but it can save millions if organized expertly and easily available. Security levels go from minimal to high. Can you tell- I loved this presentation. Iona M
Very informative.
- Stephen S
This was fantastic. Is there a way to buy the right to show certain execs?
- Kristie B
Very good presentation and very well presented.
- Matt M
Excellent course!
- Alissa A
Very well presented.
- Gary G
I thought that this would be an important video, but it turned out to be vital. Such great content!
- Joanna W
Heavy on policy, this program is much more appropriate - and useful to - in house information managers than outside counsel.
- Russell P
- Elliot T
Thoughtful discussion
- Craig B
Maybe use a glass of water next time.
- Thomas H
Lots of information, presented clearly.
- Jeffrey P
Very well organized and presented. A good primer for someone with little to no knowledge like me.
- Mike S
Nice program, Written and presented more for the client than the attorney, though.
- Mark B
It was an eye-opener.
- Sanford S