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Course Reviews: DWI in a Nutshell

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.56 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,520 Ratings
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Need to show videos of FST
- Charles J
Too much for prosecution rather than defense. Material could have included some case cites.,
I'd love to see more from this presenter. It's interesting to hear about these issues from a former police officer.
- Carron N
Good, solid presentation from experienced past officer / attorney.
- Chris H
Direct and to the point, and the speaker also brings up things associated with DWI that you normally would not think of, like "driving in an apartment complex, is this a public or private roadway?"
- Gerald K
I learned a lot of information and found this course to be very valuable.
- Kristine R
Good job sir!
- Dominick M
Adam is awesome. After being a lawyer almost 30 years, I've attended a lot of CLE. DWI is not a easy subject for many lawyers (prosecutors and defense) who practice criminal law. There's a lot of science to it. Adam explained it very much in a common sense way that the average knucklehead guy can understand. Well done.
- William R
Great job. Not too many cops become prosecutors. Great insight
- Vida f
Excellent speaker & presentation.
- Donald C
Very useful for general background for a general practitioner
- Ronald T
Very informative
- J D
A fascinating look at DWI law, especially in Odessa, Texas, by a man that has made arrests and prosecuted them.
- Dennis K
Good course for a a very brief presentation, but too heavily leaning towards the prosecution side. A more balanced approach would be better.
- Gary D
The combination of being both a former Police Officer and a current Prosecutor adds greatly to the weight of this instructor's course.
- Mike M
Generally good information - some was a bit to Texas specific though
- Heidi T
I have listened to this speaker before and he always provides good practical information.
- Susan P
I was hoping for more procedural tips regarding the defense of a DWI. For example, the scope of discovery that can be obtained regarding the arresting officer's background information.
- Miguel T
Very practical!!!
- Vincent N
great practical information
- R. S
The fact the law only pertained to Texas was limiting, but the concepts were generalized enough to inform me about the types of things I would need to know for my jurisdiction.
- Mary S
In this one and the other one about traffic stops, he spoke about Texas mostly, but it is under Calicornia CLE?
- Morvarid N
Superb: Could use a little more balance in presenting time related defenses to breath and blood test results.
- David V
I really liked the course, and enjoyed Mr. Muery's presentation. The only think I did not quite like about Mr. Muery's narrative, was that he seemed (at times) to be "boasting" about what a great police officer he was.
- Scott M
Great course. I do wish parts of field manual were included
- nancy k