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Course Reviews: Divorce Mediation

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.62 out of 5 Stars Based on 3,691 Ratings
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Excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable in the area of mediation.
- Jaime S
This course was educational. But at the same time it was as much a sales pitch as it was an instructional video.
- John H
very informative. great speaker
- Angela M
Speaker knew her stuff but really spoke too fast!
- Carol A
Probably the best presentation I have seen while taking my MCLE. Informative and fast paced.
- Brian D
Very informative and professional. I will recommend the services offered.
- Adrianna F
very good!
- richard w
Good Course.
- Herbert L
Great presentation.
- Emily P
Excellent presentation
- Donald K
The speaker spoke confidently and professionally. I enjoyed the presentation and have plans to learn more about the topic because of it.
- Jennifer R
This instructor and the class was too state specific. It failed to take into account other state's requirements for mediations, and painted a too glowing picture of how their process works.
- Kyle P
Excellent course and instructor. I enjoyed having an instructor who is so passionate about the need for mediation and is working to bring it into the mainstream as an alternative to the more costly and adversarial divorce litigation process.
- Lauren N
Great program - wish more CLE presentations were this well presented. Presenter did a great job presenting the materials in such a way that even someone outside the practice area could learn, while not making it so simple it is useless. Great job!
- Kevin S
Very well presented. Not real applicable to my estate practice, though.
- Belford L
The course is very specific to the speaker's Mediation Group...not all mediation is run the same...better suited to pro-per litigants than family law attorneys (unless they are just starting out and have no idea about the benefits of mediation).
- Patricia Y
Good overview of the mediation process.
- Rosemary P
I like the option on mediation as an alternative to Court. While the benefit is obviously clear, I wish it contained more on how attorneys could become mediators.
- Harleen W
Very skillful presentation. A pleasure to listen to!
- Wanda S
Great overview of mediation and settlement agreements for divorce.
- Veronica S
Speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable
- Rebecca G
Very well done and informative.
- Ronald D
Excellent presentation. Very organized with just the right amount of detail for the length of the course. The presenter is very knowledgeable and passionate about mediation as an effective alternative to costly and adversarial divorce litigation.
- Catherine V
Excellent explanation of Divorce Mediation.
- Susan V
very informative and well presented
- Robert l