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Course Reviews: Pretty Little Liars: Dealing with the Dishonest Client

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 12,605 Ratings
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well done.
- Eric F
The speaker was easy to follow, clearly knew the subject matter and interesting.
- Mary Beth L
I was not able to hear the questions presented to Mr Carr
- Robert M
Well done.
- John H
Aside from the fact the instructor was favorably biased toward California, great instructor. Very knowledgeable.
- Katherine J K
It was interesting but so much was California focused, I would have liked more generalization, California is unique in some of its rules. It was still a good course.
- Joseph S
Great hearing someone talk about clients who lie!. I've experienced too many of them!
- Arlo Hale S
California specific - little use to me
- Mary Jo S
Great job
- kurt r
I am very familiar with criminal ethics rules. This was a great review and update of civil litigation responsibilities since I am now in the civil arena dealing with difficult clients.
- Diane Y
I did enjoy this program. About the only problem I had was being able to hear people offer their "war stories" or questions. Other than , I thought it was a good program. I enjoyed the discussion concerning proposed changes to California ethics laws was very helpful and I will be keeping an eye out for those.
- Joseph O
Good presentation
- Gerald Z
Excellent presentation.
- Gwen P
Very informative and presented well. The instructor seemed to know the subject thoroughly.
- David W
Clear, concise, and useful.
- Robert W
good teacher
- Lisa S
A nice primer on attorney responsibilities, focus on obligations once you discover your client lied to a court.
- Judith S
great presentation
- William P
Good course. I was slightly disappointed that the lecturer did not seem to fully answer the question about criminal defense, as well as the question about the false declaration.
- Steven O
Wow really the conundrum of representing people who are less that honest DRIVES ME NUTZ!!!
Very clear presentation. Appreciated the California focus. I prefer videos of an actual presentation to an audience to someone at their desk talking to the camera.
- Mark P
Excellent and knowledgeable lecturer.
- Morgan P
Raised more questions then it answered and that was not the fault of the Lecturer
- Reno R