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Course Reviews: Preventing & Mitigating a Data Breach

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.29 out of 5 Stars Based on 1,219 Ratings
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Important class
- Michael K
Interesting topic.
- Chris V
Excellent overview. Well done.
- Daniel M
A thorough, knowledgeable, and straightforward presenter. One of the best on Lexvid!
- Michael U
Very informative.
- Scarlette L
The information was excellent and extremely helpful. However, the presenter was very dry and spoke in a monotone.
- Ayana S
Very important topic; excellent lecture
- Russell N
Critical information
- Nancy L
Very good content.
- Darlene G
- Melissa B
This really was an excellent program! There was a brief outline included with the course I just wish the written materials were more extensive to memorialize more of the substantive content! I was taking lots and lots of notes and stopped the program several times so I captured the relevant info. Very good and very helpful. Thank you.
- Tina F
I always appreciate the information provided in these programs, but a few graphics- even a PowerPoint- would help retain my attention.
- Anne C
Good course, however the presenter needs more dynamism when presenting the information.
- Christa F
- Russell L