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Course Reviews: Current Issues for In House Counsel

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.32 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,878 Ratings
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Fantastic program.
- Krystle G
Excellent range of materials. Very informative.
- Kathy S
Material was bit dated
- Michael B
Some of the material is a bit dated now (election discussion, for example)
- Michael B
Great Panel. Very enjoyable.
- Sanford S
It might be time to take this one out of the rotation, as it is now 4 years old. Many sections were good, but some were quite old.
- joanna w
A lot of this course is too old. Needs to be redone and updated.
- Teresa v
Good mix of lawyers.
- Nicholas W
Speakers were good but unfortunately this presentation must have been done in 2012 and was quite dated for 2017 use.
- William P
overall not a bad program but dated - the election piece was about the last mid-term elections. I either just did not notice that in the description or it did not have a date. A bit disappointing as it was two hours long. I continued with it to get my CLE but woudl have rather listened to more recent informaiton.
- Jeanette M
thank you!
- Jamie O
- xiaochun j
Loved the variety of counsel and perspectives!
- Lindsey P
A bit dated with over 20 minutes of discussion on the possible post-Obama re-election legal changes, which are almost 4 years past now and discussion does not track outline, but otherwise decent information.
- Max V
Engaging speaker. Nice presentation. Thanks.
- Tiffany C
Very relevant for in house counsel and outside counsel that work regularly with publicly traded companies.
- Micah M
Excellent presentation. A bit on the long side, but I did think it was worth the watch. Would recommend.
- David R
Materials were very thorough. Would like to see an updated version of this content since a lot of it appears to now be a bit out of date.
- Amanda W
Very fine presentation.
- Don B
Could use update on election results
- Laura L
I would like to see more of this type of program. This is among the best programs I have seen---I plan to view it again. Highly relevant, with no wasted words. Technical presentation, again without wasted time, was excellent.
- Mary S
Although not my field, an interesting panel made it understandable and thought provoking
- Michael W
The panel discussions regarding how the large corporations, like CocaCola, handles the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of in-house counsel was quite interesting!
- Jeffrey N
Sobering discussion of the risks for in house counsel
- toni m
A little dry, but informative.
- Anthony W