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Course Reviews: Equity Crowdfunding - Legal Considerations

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.51 out of 5 Stars Based on 2,223 Ratings
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Fascinating and extremely informative.
- Howard R
Very interesting video!
- Jeff I
Very Good.
- Eileen P M
The presentation was very informative and interesting. Perhaps, there should have been a little something on what the lawyer should do. The presenter is a very effective communicator.
- Douglas C
Excellent subject; excellent material; excellent presentation. W. D. Nelson, Lawyer
- Wilfrid N
Good overview of the legal considerations surrounding equity crowdfunding.
- Michael S
Very informative.
- Dennis K
Very well done. I am going to follow you on Twitter and checkout your blog. Charles L.
- Charles L
GREAT program and presentation.
- Jonathan T
This course offered a lot of information that could help everyone to have a better understanding of crowd funding.
- Venisa M
- Robert B
Although published a couple years ago, good materials and instructive.
- Steve W
Thanks for the great info.
- Garrick F
My most Valuable Hour ever spent on CLE. Excellent.
- Thomas H
All in all this was an effective introduction to "crowd funding" and it was helpful for lawyers interested in helping indie film makers.
- Hector U
- Glen S
Very well done.
- Bruce T
- barton s
Course was interesting but out of date -- there have been significant changes in this area of the law, needs to be updated.
- Lauren S
Great topic. This course made me excited to start researching more.
- Tyra P
Great presenter and very interesting information. Seems dated regarding accuracy, so probably needs to be edited or re-done.
- Brian F
Very interesting
- Pattie C
Very informative basic intro,
- Louis F
Excellent course. Course materials and presenter were first rate.
- Donald S
Very good and practical
- Shari W