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Course Reviews: Criminal Mitigation: Rethinking Presentencing Strategies

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 7,489 Ratings
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Mr. Silver was very well-qualified for this program, both by education and experience. A quality program.
- Robert H
- gerald s
This is a good program but somewhat repetitious.
- Timothy J
Well done presentation. Packed a lot of information in a one hour session. Excellent material to actually implement in the criminal law practice.
- Thomas L
Dr. Silver's presentations are consistently excellent! This segment is no exception!
- Georginna D
This course is an eye-opener in a new and important area of law! Bravo!
- Ellen R
This is the second course I've taken from this presenter, and I've got to say that he's a total professional, and absolutely commands his material. Combining his status as a lawyer with his training in psychiatric social work, he offers a unique insight into what's becoming one of the most important aspects of a criminal law practice - mitigation.
- Russell M
Bravo! Great class! On the issue of remorse and regret Mark mentioned, when I prepare my clients for their presentence interviews, I tell them that what the report writer wants to hear from them is remorse and repentance - "I'm very sorry I did it, and I will never do it again."
- Jim H
Speaker was very knowledgeable about the topic.
- Martha S
Well done presentation. Packed a lot of information in a one hour session. Excellent material to actually implement in the criminal law practice.
- Thomas L
Very informative.
- Victor R
Thought the Course was very thorough and detailed.
- Victor B
Hands down this was one of the best most informative MCLE courses packed into a own hour session that I have participated in this year! Thank you for your expertise in this area. It opened my eyes on several important issues.
- Linda Kay J
Not my area of practice, but we have a grown son with autism. He has never had any legal troubles, but this is certainly good information. Thank you.
- Cynthia F
Excellent speaker--I particularly valued the comments regarding immigrants.
- Nicole M
Helpful and informative overview of criminal mitigation, including definition of terms, clear outline of goals of criminal mitigation, and good description of breakdown and focus areas of a criminal mitigation report.
- Gregory V
Instructor sounds very knowledgeable in the mitigation area. It might have been even more helpful to go into some specific instances of how psychological factors impact behavior in ways that mitigate, rather than appear as rationalizations, for criminal behavior. For example, childhood abuse may be more likely to result in committing abusive behavior, but not in all cases. When does abuse tend to override a person's sense of morality, and when is abuse more likely to be perceived as extraneous to a defendant's culpability? Also, how does injury to a victim impact the presentation of mitigation?
- Howard D
It's particularly helpful how he has a social sciences background, as well. The presentation is worth seeing.
- Rich R
- Floyd C
Comprehensive and Informative Overview. Great Course !
- catherine s
Great. Thank you!
- Jessica J
Great Presentation!
- Angel T
An insightful blend of science and law.
- John H
While I thought the instructor was well informed and presented well, mitigation reports and considerations do not seem at all valuable to me. I do not agree with the principal that just because you can explain criminal conduct, that should excuse criminal conduct. Psychology is over-rated, not based on science and harms far more people than it ever helps. Its use in the court room, especially in criminal proceedings and divorces, is just a way to add further expense and misery to the participants. I would be happy to see it excluded from the legal process altogether.
- Angela N
When I got started, it was very good, jut had a little time trying to get the program to work... Excellent!
- Stanley B