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Course Reviews: Running on Empty: Legal Professional Burnout (And How to Refuel)

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.63 out of 5 Stars Based on 14,954 Ratings
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Well done.
- Yasin A
He made it quite entertaining.
- james a
Instructor was personable and kept my attention throughout. Very interesting and helpful presentation.
- Carmen B
Excellent presentation. Only slight criticism is audio cut out slightly from time to time.
- William C
Last comment by the off camera speaker was extremely sexist and offensive.
- Christopher M
The speaker was good at breaking down the stresses a lawyer encounters and how we as lawyers have internal dialogues with ourselves in which we have a tendency to be critical of ourselves, or, as he put it, cognitively distort reality. The list of counter=measures he provides are refreshingly simplistic (e.g., stay in the moment, eat well, exercise, get reasonable sleep, spend time with friends and family, take breaks, plan vacations, think more of the positive aspects of our profession and our good intentions, get help if you need it, etc.). The overall presentation was "down to earth" and thus easy to digest. The books he spoke of all sound like good reads. Very personable guy!
- Gerard E. G
love the way you set out all the negativity we face. it is hard to put that into words so others will understand. Thank you for this. great booklist too.
- sloane u
Wonderful speaker.
- Jennifer G. L
Well done and entertaining
- Jack H
Really great information! Great presentation!
- Robert C
- Jimmie F
- DC Jim D
Great Humorous Important
- Deborah Bourne A
Excellent course! The instructor was engaging and the information presented was interesting and practical.
- Laura W
The speaker was fantastic!
- Krista O
Good presentation by very positive speaker.
- Chris H
Well presented in a friendly and interesting way.
- Oliver R
I enjoyed it....well-done...
- Gail B
This was a fantastic and very helpful CLE. Thank you so much for providing a lecture on this topic and offering it for free.
- Sienna O
- Angela R
Very insightful information on some of the subconscious thinking done by attorneys.
- Christopher H
Sunshine on a cloudy day.
- Nancy Lee W
I loved the recommendation of Dr. Gregor's book How Not To Die as well as embracing compassionate practices in general. Both a Vegan diet and compassionate lifestyle have been significant for me in battling depression. Very good presentation.
- Catherine C
This was a great topic and presntation but it would have been helpful to be able to view all of his slides.
- Mia C
Lecture was scattered, with too much time lost listing examples of behaviors or situations.
- Rebecca K