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Course Reviews: Closing the Loop on Diversity Efforts by Creating an Inclusive Environment / Competency and the Practice of Law

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Both instructors were very qualified to present this material, which was well organized. Thank you for this quality presentation!
- Judith K
Very good!
- Marci U
Great job!
- Stephen W
Small mention of quality of work product as a primary objective
- Roger S
Excellent course. Instructing material that was well presented.
- Lance L
Very good course. Prior to taking this course I did not appreciate what "inclusion" was all about. I thought it was pretty much the same as diversity. But, after this course I feel I have a much better understanding of the subject.
- Mark W
It really helps the program if slides are presented to accompany the discussion; otherwise one is taking notes that may already be included in the materials. So the first speaker was easier to follow and to take notes that augmented the slides rather than trying to take notes akin to dictation from the 2nd speaker.
- Linda F
Both presenters were excellent.
- Lisa S
Thought they were both good, but didn't see the connection.
- Karen R
Both speakers were very good, but the first speaker was exceptional. He spoke without notes and without hiding behind the lectern.
- William S
The Gentleman's presentation on diversity and inclusion was helpful to a White, Male attorney who believes he understands most of the issues covered but obviously has inherent blind spots and cultural bias I may not have been attuned to. A pleasant, effective discussion. Excellent handout The Lady was also helpful to remind all of us of some of the inherent dangers and behaviors in our profession and ways to deal with them.' I am not critical of either; the subjects covered their nature...more behavior oriented than heavy focus on legal issues. I thank them for their presentations.
- Gerald G
two different presentations - both giving some basic ways to address the issues - the speakers were informative and relaxed (especially the first speaker)
- Robert N
Both segment were professionally conducted with a wealth of information and tips to improve your performance and practice.
- Brian L
Very Informative
- Ferdinando ("Fred") P
I wish I could review the two speakers separately. I was hoping for an hour about D&I and felt like the second speaker could have used some of her basic ideas to further strategize about inclusion. It would have been great to have the second part of the program present inclusion success stories.
- Debra S
the program was purely generic and did not present legally specific examples
- John P
First half of the course on the stated topic. Second speaker covered addiction and related topics.
- M Raphael L
Very Good
- michael o
Both were really good speakers with good practical advice
- Allison S