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Course Reviews: Chapter 7: The Initial Consult

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.76 out of 5 Stars Based on 17,966 Ratings
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Super interesting and practical advice. Thumbs up.
- Melissa W
This speaker is great! I am familiar with the practice of bankruptcy and I learned several practical tips. I thoroughly enjoyed this CLE.
- Angelique K
- Thomas J
Excellent presentation. Lots of information and examples from real life practice of the speaker. Well worth the time spend. I expect to be able to use the materials in my practice. Thank you.
- Maryjane M
The instructor does a great job and is engaging- extremely enjoyable to watch this course and learned a lot.
- Kenneth C
Very well informed speaker. Enjoyable to listen to.
- John B
Fantastic CLE. One of the best speakers I have heard in some time.
- Richard S
Very good program.
- reagan H
- Joseph S
Great instructor and interesting topic.
- Catherine M
Great course. Very worthwhile.
- Edward A O
Very knowledgeable presenter Very good practical discussion
- Perry R
- j o
I'd hire him. Comprehensive and pragmatic. Kathy C
Enjoyable presentation
- Daniel B
Excellent Presentation!!
- Bruce S
Love this guy. I vote him as BEST presentor!!
- Francine B
Great course!
- Merlin C
- William A
Excellent presentation - very engaging and informative.
- Neil C
Great one hour class!
- Colin G
This was great!
- Ana Maria M
I needed this course! Very helpful.
- Lennie G
Liked presenters style. Not just a talking head.
- F James F
Very inspiring. The presenter obviously care and enjoys what he's doing. This presenter is the definition of what all lawyers should be pursuing the best interest of the clients. Makes me want to learn mobankruptcy law which I had no interesting in learning in law school!
- Matthew B