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Cell Phone Forensics

Presented by Lars Daniel

(10,763 Ratings)

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Course Description

Length: 1h 2min    Published: 10/21/2020    
With billions of cell phones in the world and millions of phone applications, the amount of evidence created by cell phones can be daunting. This program will explain the common types of evidence that can be recovered from cell phones, including deleted data. Some evidence types that will be discussed include location information, text messages, multimedia, voice mails, cloud backups, and more. Real life case examples will be used to illustrate how evidence recovered from cell phones can be used in cases and investigations. The proper methods to forensically acquire cell phone evidence will be covered as well as how evidence can be challenged in court.
Learning Objectives
* Learn what types of evidence can be derived from a cell phone
* Understand best practices of retrieving cell phone evidence
* Know how cell phone evidence can be challenged in court
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Presented By:

Lars Daniel

Raleigh, NC


Featured Reviews

"I learned so much. It was a great learning experience. "

   Ronald S

"This CLE is OUTSTANDING; anything and everything one wants/needs to know about cell phone use/data in every aspect of litigation. The presenter's tremendous speaking style, phenomenal substantive knowledge and vast expert witness experience are, singularly/all combined/in any combination crucial and critical as to cell phones. The CLE comes with my Highest Recommendation!"

   Michael W

"THIS GUY IS THE BEST. Extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject matter and a presentation that was amazing. While he had slides and material in front of him it is obvious that he has a complete, utter command of the subject matter. I can't praise this guy enough for his thorough knowledge (well expressed) of the difficult technical subject matter that idiots like myself struggle to digest and comprehend. He is a gem and singularly made the cost of the entire CLE program I'm doing here worth it just to just see this one video. A hearty thank you and please share this comment with him. Again, thank you."

   William H

"Very informative presentation on the data, the volume of data, the evidence derived from the data and the complexity of retrieval and analysis in the area of digital forensics. For those of us with little aptitude for technology, frankly, it's a bit scary. The implications for the future and the use of AI makes one wonder what's next and about how to judge the authenticity of digital information. Brave new world!"

   Michaeleen M