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The handout material did not coincide with the slides shown by the commentator. It would have been nice to have the PowerPoint presentation that he used in the video
- Christine D
Well presented. I love the Mark Twain quote.
- David B
- Wendy S
I enjoyed the quotes
- Glenn K
very good presentation
- eric b
Very insightful! I particularly enjoyed the studies that were discussed.
- Eric M
Very sage advice for all professionals, not just lawyers...
- Paul K
I really appreciated this presentation, and I will try to stay in the present in order to avoid the problems of the future that may never really come to pass.
- Margaret M
Give this outstanding man a bonus!
- Jimmie F
This is a very interesting presentation - not at all what I had expected - and I learned a lot from it. I am going to suggest others listen as well.
- Mary-Ellen C
I enjoyed the presenter's candor and humility. All attorneys should watch this and similar presentations about the stress of practicing law.
- R. Brian G
A must CLE course
- Morton S
This lecture was extremely eye opening.
- Cheryl S
Excellent presentation
- Timothy I
Great presentation.
- Alicia B
Very uplifting and helpful principles of coping with stress and anxiety as we attorneys go about our legal and personal lives, finding fulfillment and happiness as we do so. David Mahood, Esq.
- David M
Great presentation.
- Lauren L
Fantastic presentation. This should be required viewing for 1Ls!
- David L
Outstanding discussion!
- David I
Great course. I wish this was provided to law students so they could manage their stress from the start. Thanks for a great refresher and how to make sure your stress from helping clients doesn't take over your life.
- Casey M
Very insightful information. Makes you think and, more importantly, makes you want to take action. Thanks! Great job!
- Cedric H
Interesting topic.
- Sandra K
What a pleasant surprise. This presentation -- concise, clear, and to-the-point -- was full of valuable insights worth applying both professionally and personally.
- Allan M
Excellent base of knowledge demonstrated by instructor, resulting in a thought provoking and challenging program.
- Ren H
Very eye opening and insightful. Thanks.
- Chelsea H