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Course Reviews: Sports Law: The Business Structure of Professional Sports

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 6,173 Ratings
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Excellent presentation on an interesting subject. The speak was outstanding and presented the subject in a most professional manner.
- Kenneth P
Great speaker!
- David P
Would have preferred a more detailed Powerpoint presentation that followed along with the lecture.
- Kathy S
This is the best speaker I the 42 hours of classes. He is a pleasure to listen to and this is not even my favorite topic.
- Rose M
- Eileen P M
Course does not appear designed to teach legal responsibilities, but does provide broad overview of the sports business industry.
- Andrew B
Very informative. Thank-you.
- Mark A
Very good
- Angelina W
Great charismatic speaker.
Well done. The presenter is quite knowledgeable in the field and he covered the waterfront. A white board or overlay with some visuals would have helped.
- Russell M
Knowledgeable, good speaker, enthusiastic with great presentation.
- raymond c
Not quite what I thought it would be. Thought it would be more about contracts, etc. Still informative for what it was, especially the parts about how leagues are structured.
- Dennis C
very knowlegable. i like that he was in sports before becoming an attorney. A lot of on the job training and learning. makes for a well rounded, qualified and educated lawyer.
- lebertha u
Excellent speaker & presentation.
- Donald C
Great course on the legal considerations that must be accounted for by lawyers engaged in representing clients in sports. I wish he had included motorsports as well.
- Rachel R
Very informative.
- John B
Excellent course
- Donald K
found it interesting good presentation. thanks
- Steven M
Excellent presentation.
- David S
Well Done
- Robert B
One of the best classes I have taken with this company.
- Kyle P
The written materials presented very broad strokes but the lecture did follow it and it is easy to use the written materials to write more specific notes from the lecture. I liked the lecturer's presentation style.
- Gregory K
very interesting. well presented
- john l
Excellent CLE topic.
- Harry J N