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Course Reviews: Brewery / Distillery Law Series - Part 1

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.66 out of 5 Stars Based on 7,525 Ratings
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Excellent! Peaked my interest in a growing industry. Thanks, on to part 2 ...
- David B
Excellent Program!!
- Scott M
Great information presented very well.
- joe allen j
Very good summary of the alcohol laws and pitfalls to be aware of.
- Stephen D
This is an area of the law that is of some interest to me, but an area in which I do not have a great deal of knowledge. This course was a good basic introductory course.
- Joseph T
Very knowledgeable and interesting course.
- Shana D
Presenter is VERY knowledgeable and passionate about subject matter. I'd give her a "6" on 5-point scale. She's able to present a lot of very detailed information in an interesting way.
- Mina W
I can tell this lady really loves her beer.
- Blake B
Very informative and effective presentation!
- Andrew P
Knowledgable and engaging presenter - well done! I am an IP attorney and beer drinker; I'm ready now to become a beverage attorney as well!
- Judith S
A very entertaining presentation.
- Roger O
Excellent content and great presentation. You could tell that she has great enthusiasm for this area of law. Also loved the bar as a prop!
- Albert M
Very informative in rounding out intellectual property issues.
- David L
Great presentation.
- Carlos C
Comprehensive and informative
- John B
had no idea there were so many issues. Thank you.
- Steven M
One of the best i've watched. She is very informed and entertaining.
- Tj N
This is a great course, the lecturer is clearly an expert and good at teaching it to others. Looking forward to the next section and other courses here. Well done!
- Geraldine M
Well done
- Robert B
- Elsie V
- Rachel S
DIfferent and interesting topic presented in an engaging way.
- Lisa B
This was very interesting material.
- Venisa M
I realize that I completed Part 2 first as I'm always drawn to Intellectual Properties topics and found that part of the series done so well, I decided to look into Part 1 to learn about the market in general and the regulatory primer and truly enjoyed Ms. Teagarden's presentation. I'm fascinated by brewery law! Thank you.
- Jana P
She is excellent!!
- James V