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Course Reviews: Borderline Personality Disorder for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 8,348 Ratings
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I kept picking up a lot of ambient noise during the presentation (I listened through headphones). I found this topic to be very interesting and salient, and plan to recommend this course to my colleagues. The presentation was slightly slow and tentative at the beginning, but picked up steam after the instructor completed the introductory section. Overall, this was a great CLE.
- Stella M
Fascinating topic, excellent presentation
- Christina W
Excellent course. Very informative and taught me a very interesting defense mitigation.
- Jonette J
Very Engaging Material!
- Georginna D
Speaker had a comprehensive knowledge of this subject and presented it well. Liked his illustrations based on an actual client. Learned a lot.
- Amy E
Thanks. Excellent Class.
- geral s
Excellent presentation.
- Kimberly J
superb presentation,
- Judith A
Excellent use of visuals next to the image of the speaker. The presenter has an excellent grasp of the material and showed an important way to not just give the court background, but to weave mitigation into the overall defense strategy.
- Russell M
Very informative.
- Mark A
Quite definitive given the intertwining of both psychology and the law.
- Jose A
Great presentation.
- Karen P
Interesting topic I haven't seen covered anywhere else. Please tell the presenter, though, that clearing his throat while he is miked is very distracting. It was only occasional, and otherwise he has a great speaking voice and presence.
- Mary Ann P
Very well informed and well spoken speaker. I will use the handouts.
- Jerri C
Well done. Speaker was very knowledgeable.
- daniel b
I'm a disability attorney, so my goals for presenting a client with BPD to a court are a bit different from what's presented here, but I found a lot of good information that I can use in my own practice. Thank you!
- Audrey M
- Debra L
Very interesting side of the practice.
- J G
Very informative!!!
- Elyse F
Very enjoyable program. Highly knowledgeable presenter.
- Carol R
- Jonathan T
Excellent course. Very informative. Would recommend this to a colleague.
- Damian B
Really good information. A bit monotone, but that's happens easily with CLEs!
- Ashley-Britt H
This is an excellent seminar. The instructor clearly knows his subject. The written materials are excellent. The seminar was designed for criminal defense attorneys, but the subject is so interesting that any attorney in any field will find listening to it to be a good use of time. Sadly, we all know people with borderline personality disorder. This seminar will help you understand what is wrong with them, and give you ideas on how to deal with them. I had a judge with this disorder.
- Steven Trenholme T
very impressive. Jim V.
- James V