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Course Reviews: Bias, Civility, and Professionalism Under Rule 8.4(g)

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.60 out of 5 Stars Based on 160 Ratings
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Extremely interesting and eye-opening course; Ms. Sheehan does a spectacular job of imparting practical and critical information for all lawyers to know.
- Susan F
Another great presentation.
- Jonathan T
It is unfortunate that more attorneys aren't made to take civility reminders. Being tough is one thing but being rude and a bully is another.
- Janella S
Very good course. Very efficiently done.
- Peter C
Well-presented, great examples and very interesting content and great suggestions.
- Christine Marie M
The instructor started slow but improved. Used very good examples in back part of the program.
Very well done.
- John G
I think I've found my new favorite CLE instructor!
- Alex F
Easy to listen to.
- Alan H
I really enjoy her content. She makes the material clear and relatable.
- Debra C