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Course Reviews: An Attorney's Guide to Online Defamation and Website Removal

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.50 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,294 Ratings
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Very informative
- charles m
Great information and tips on how to deal with real life issues re reputation.
- Daren W
Interesting coverage
- Alisa S
Wonderful presentation. He clearly understands and is up to date on the material. He also, clearly enjoys this area of law.
- Rennie R
Great presentation !
- Gregory Z
Great presentation on a very interesting topic!
- David P
Superior presentation....concise, informative and relevant.
- Dean B
Not my field, so I learned a great deal. Good practical advice in addition to providing legal background.
- Ambrose R
It was assumed I knew a lot of information such as acronyms and names of cases which I never heard of before. Also, lots of ums and uhs.
- Jane R
- Donald S
Interesting & timely information. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable.
- Colleen R. T
Kept my attention. Really interesting.
- Sherri B
- Randal B
One of the best courses on LexVid. The presentation provided in-depth legal and practical information, I especially enjoyed the presenter’s approach which was casual and engaging.
- Jennifer W
Sorry to say defamation on web is a difficult problem to sort out legally and cost effectively. Liked the pointers on steps to consider. Thankfully, there is so much of it, there may be improvements in the legal regime to make record correction or deletion of records easier and more cost effective.
- Christopher W
In some places, incomprehensible and meandering--however, I was able to understand the overall gist/import.
Excellent. Tight focused and a wonderful survey of the issues.
- stephen v
Good presentation!
- Lou Ann N
- Terri G
Interesting and informative although a bit disjointed.
- Mark F
This course surpassed my expectation. All the information is very helpful.
- Margarita P