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Course Reviews: Athlete Agency Law: Keeping Athletes & Agents on the Field

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Amazingly thorough presentation considering the content that needed to be covered.
- Michael M
Great Presentation!
- Brenda S. M
Intersting stuff. I would love an updated version! Perhaps a bit on NIL in recent months
- Sean L
Mr. Brunkow's presentation was incredibly informative and enjoyable. I have a decent understanding of the basic framework of athlete agency law and am aware of some of the major flags involved in representing people in the field of athlete agency. I am happy to have selected this as one of my continuing legal education courses.
- Aaron L
Really great presentation and interesting examples. Thanks!
- Kristen J
Very Informative. Interesting Content.
- Jeffery G
Brian Brunkow was a very informative and interesting speaker who advised of the pitfalls of student athletes with agents and what to avoid. He was very interesting and concise about various topics and showed how these athletes only have a few years to earn money at the pro level and how many professional athletes have no money after their careers are over with financial planning required for them and their families. Non-agent attorneys can read charge fees for contract work and employment at regular rate but no involvement with negotiations and contract talks and it was very interesting how Richard Sherman did his own contract like this with the players association.
- Charles W
Fascinating topic , well delivered .
- moshe n
The instructor was very engaging.
- Laurie G
Very candid, insightful and knowledgable. A compelling presentation.
- Brian E
Course was good. But filming in front of a window resulted in the distraction of people walking in the patio area.
- Frank T
Very goog
- Roger S
Very interesting. Very knowledgeable presenter.
- Linda M
this was an eye-opening and candid program. I particularly appreciated his "soapbox" section at the end, which brought some sad realities of the power imbalance into focus to help us be more empathetic advocates. Overall, this was well-organized and clearly explained from beginning to end. I am even considering buying the presenter's book to learn more.
- Elana B