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Course Reviews: Appellate Advocacy

Attorneys Rate this CLE Course 4.63 out of 5 Stars Based on 4,550 Ratings
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Good overview. Quite helpful.
- Jon M
Though I recognize that my hearing isn't as good as it used to be, the sound quality on this program was not all that I would have liked. The speaker's voice was muffled in spots. It seems that it should have been something that could have been picked up and corrected as the program was being recorded. I appreciated the speaker's advice to always include a statement about the standard of review. However, I was surprised that he did not devote at least a few more minutes of his lecture to organizing and writing an appellate brief.
- William C
A bit basic and a fair amount of the content is common sense — but still a useful foundation. As a former Appellate Court Clerk, I found some of the advice is a bit stylistically conservative — e.g. making Rule 1 "Know When to Shut Up" and setting down an absolute prohibition against humour — which is probably reasonable advice with respect to the average court and average appellate judge (and to help drive home the point that appellate courts may be rather different from juries...although not always as much as one might expect, having seen how their chambers operate). Courts are institutions comprised of human beings and they evolve as times change — and I would guess that as the judiciary seems to be getting (gradually) younger, some of this emphasis on formalism and a posture of reverence might change.
- Eric T
Very good advice
- Michael K
Very interesting and informative. Would also like to see a presentation on writing the appellate brief.
- Amy E
A knowledgeable presentation of an important subject. Excellent use of the space to the right of the presenter - informative and blessedly humorous - Helped the course immensely. I loved the photo and accompanying language - "For God's sake - Do your homework." Says it all. Good self-deprecating humor, as when he told of a case where a judge came off the bench and pointed to this brief which contradicted his oral argument.
- Russell M
- D. Michael B
Clear, cogent and highly useful.
- Patrick W
This was a great course! I especially liked hearing about Mr. Fitzpatrick's experiences while arguing before different courts.
- Katherine S
The best lecture I've head on Lexvid so far. Very interesting, to the point, practical and "spot on" advice.
- Jerri C
Slides were helpful and to-the-point. Very well done presentation.
- Timothy S
Very helpful information because lecturer presented the jJudges' prospective.
- Jerili L
- Jeffrey M
Terrific "how to" course by a highly experienced appellate practitioner. This was a refresher course for me, as I have focused a percentage of my practice on appellate advocacy. Whether experienced or just beginning to practice in the appellate field, this course is a valuable resource.
- Dan S
Was totally clear and to the point. Would have liked to have him teaching when I was in law school. JMA
- Jose A
The subject of appellate advocacy is very interesting to me, and the instructor had some terrific "do's and don'ts' for arguing in the appellate courts. That was very interesting and helpful. However, the course was rather short on information about how to write a good appellate brief - technically and effectively. Perhaps there is another course that provides instruction in those areas.
- mark w
- Bob J
the presenter did a very good job of walking the walk of what he spoke
- charles g
timely, useful info
- Steven M
Clearly experienced and knowledgeable
- David V
Excellent advice regarding appellate practice.
- susanna s
great course for those looking to refresh themselves on a subject that isn't always top of mind.
- Lee A
exceptionally well presented.
- john l
Very practical tips for appellate advocacy
- Erin O
Ten stars on a five star scale. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable; he was well organized and quite personable. The substance of his presentation was beyond fantastic. His 25 rules for appellate advocacy are gems.
- David C